Bad Backlinks

How Backlinks Can Hurt Your Website's Ranking

houseSoh Apr 25, 2024

You have a website and someone puts a backlink to your site on theirs. Cool, right? But here's the thing—Google, the big search engine, cares about more than just how many backlinks you have. They also care about what happens next when people click those links.

If someone clicks on a backlink to your website and then quickly leaves, Google notices. They think, "Hmm, maybe this website isn't what people are looking for". And you know what happens next? Your website might actually get ranked lower in Google's search results.

Why does this happen? Well, Google wants to make sure they're showing people the best websites possible when they search for something. So, if people keep leaving a website right after they get there, Google thinks that website might not be very helpful or interesting.

That's why it's super important to have what we call "meaningful content" on your website. Meaningful content is stuff that people actually want to read or see. It's helpful, interesting or entertaining. When you have meaningful content, people are more likely to stick around on your website for a while. And guess what? Google likes that!

So, if you're thinking about getting lots of backlinks to your website, remember this: quality matters more than quantity. Sure, it's great to have backlinks, but make sure the websites linking to you are relevant and trustworthy. And most importantly, focus on creating awesome content that keeps people engaged. That way, you'll not only attract more visitors but also climb higher in Google's search rankings.