Website Mistakes

Avoid These 10 Website Mistakes

houseSoh May 5, 2024

What if I told you that most small businesses could get more clients and make more money by focusing on fixing common website mistakes instead of spending time on marketing for a whole month? In fact, one business saw a 54% increase in leads just by addressing two of these ten mistakes. You probably know your website isn't performing as well as it should, but you haven't gotten around to fixing it. Here, I'll show you how your website might be scaring away new customers, the exact fixes you need to triple your leads and one secret fix that can transform your business overnight, even if you ignore the other mistakes.

First, you need to understand how your website is scaring off potential customers. Think of your website like a restaurant. If things aren't going well, moving to a busier location won't help if the food you serve is bad. More people will visit, but they won't return if they're not happy. The same goes for your website: small changes can dramatically increase the number of clients you get by ensuring visitors get exactly what they came for.

Mistake #1: Using Complex Business Jargon

Imagine walking into a fancy restaurant, excited for a meal, only to find that you can't understand the menu. Many websites make the same mistake by using complex business jargon that confuses visitors. When people are confused, their brains shut down. To fix this, focus on clear, simple language about your clients' problems and how you solve them. For instance, instead of saying, "We offer comprehensive revenue enhancement solutions," say, "We help you make more money easily and effectively." Write your content in a way that even an 8th grader could understand.

Mistake #2: Overloading Your Menu

On the show Kitchen Nightmares, Gordon Ramsay often found that struggling restaurants had oversized menus. He would cut them down to just the best dishes, making the restaurants run better and attract more customers. Your website might be making the same mistake with too many pages that confuse visitors. Simplify your website by focusing on the most important pages—your signature dishes. Move the less important pages to the footer menu.

Mistake #3: Features vs. Benefits

Imagine if a server bragged about their kitchen gear instead of how it makes your meal better. Websites often list features instead of benefits, which can turn potential customers away. Focus on the benefits: how your service makes life better for your customers. Flip features into benefits and make these benefits the bold headlines on your site.

Mistake #4: Unclear Call to Actions

Call to action (CTA) buttons are often unclear. They might be too witty, too vague or misleading. If your button says "Unleash Better Health" instead of something clear like "Book a Vet Appointment," it confuses visitors. Make sure your CTAs clearly state what happens next, like "Fill out this form" or "Schedule a call."

Mistake #5: Walls of Text

Websites with walls of text can overwhelm visitors. People skim websites, so break your content into bite-sized pieces using headings, short paragraphs, bullet points and images. This makes your content easier to read and understand.

Mistake #6: Lack of Human Touch

Websites often lack the human touch, making them feel cold and anonymous. Introduce yourself or your team on your homepage and share more about your journey on your About Us page. This builds trust and makes your business feel more personal.

Mistake #7: Unrealistic Images

Using exaggerated, unnatural images can make your website feel fake. Opt for genuine photos that show happy customers, as people trust real expressions over over-the-top stock photos.

Mistake #8: No Lead Magnet

Most website visitors are just window shopping. You need a way to connect with them without too much commitment. Offer a lead magnet, like a free guide or checklist, that provides value and captures their contact information. Place this opt-in block prominently on your website and repeat it on every page.

Mistake #9: Complicated Forms

If your contact form is too complicated, people won't fill it out. The magic number for form fields is three. Keep your forms short and sweet and use tools like Calendly to let visitors book calls directly.

Mistake #10: Ineffective Hero Section

The hero section of your homepage is crucial. Instead of branding or jargon, clearly state what you offer, how it benefits visitors and what they need to do next. Use a straightforward headline, a subheadline for more detail and a clear call to action.

If you want to transform your website into a client-generating machine, contact us today.